Stephanie Renee


“Art: The Universal Language"

If someone told her years ago, that she would one day be teaching linear equations in Math, moon phases in Science, grammar, narrative writing or the development of the first republic in Rome... she would have thought they were kidding.

After graduating Rowan University with a degree in Art Education, and her certification of Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Stephanie pictured herself teaching elementary art. However, life had other plans and she is currently a 6th grade Inclusion Special Education teacher at a wonderful middle school, feeling as if this is what she was always meant to do.

Her degree in art education has been an instrumental tool in shaping her philosophy of teaching. Learning is an art form and every student’s unique abilities create the framework of how they interpret and understand what they are being taught. Her background in art has provided her with the ability to embrace creativity and better understand different perspectives.

Not every student learns the same way, just as not every artist creates the same art.


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