raise your hand say yes with tiffany han


ep. 23: tiffany han on crazyfaith

february 3, 2015 - 43 min

And, welcome to the podcast episode where I quote myself. This week, I did something a little bit different and did a solo show. What started out as a short guide to finding your own way to Raise your hand and say yes quickly became my stance on life (enter: the Crazyfaith) and my musings on the movement I’m trying to create with my work and this show.

I’m feeling a wee bit vulnerable posting and sharing this now, but, in the spirit of leaning in to my own discomfort, here goes.
— tiffany han

About the podcast:

Tiffany Han, Business Coach for the Creative Entrepreneur

tiffany han is on a mission to change the way creative women interact with their dreams - the big, scary ones that, until now, most of us have pushed aside for the sake of skirting fear, staying safe, and keeping everyone around us (including ourselves!) comfortable.

one part storytelling, one part personal development, one part kick in the pants, this podcast showcases the creative adventures of extra(ordinary) people and teaches you how to have more of your own.

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