23 - andrew panebianco

february 16, 2016 - 1 hr 14 min

Don’t “podcastinate” on this one, people. There’s plenty to talk about with Andrew Panebianco. He’s a skilled storyteller, participating in storyslam competitions. He writes intelligent, provocative editorial pieces. He had an entire career as a professor at St. Joseph’s University before he became an award-winning copywriter, working alongside past guests Chris Fernandez and James Olstein at Brownstein Group. And he’s also the mind behind wordsthatarent.com, a website dedicated to “invented terms, neologisms, and portmanteaus for words that aren’t, but should be.” Andrew celebrates language with his word inventions, striking a balance between hilariously absurdist, striking a balance between hilariously absurdist and morally conscious. He crafts intriguing definitions to accompany words like Romneyvore, Chequemate, Prepaw and Interrupdate. Sometimes he invites illustrators such as Chris, Justin Spinozzi, Libby Reindl and Kaitlyn Angstadt to create visuals to accompany them. We talk about all this plus writing as time travel and questioning your invite to the party.
— Ryan Starr

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ryan starr

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