Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs


#23 - Giving It All Away

June 9, 2015 - 45 min

Today’s topic is content sharing, social media, and our philosophy of giving it all away in a way that helps you set yourself up as a creative expert so you can Be Boss and attract dreamy clients.
— Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

about the podcast:

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Being boss is owning who you are and making things happen. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon believe in building a business you love, making bank, and being unapologetically who you are 100% of the time. They have a combined experience and expertise in branding and coaching small online businesses to be more boss in work and life by focusing on "boss" mindsets & habits, routines, tools, tactics & strategies, blended with a little bit of hustle.

Jacqueline Randall