this world existed before we entered it and will continue to exist once we have left it. that doesn't mean that what we do, while here, doesn't matter.
our time is precious, valuable, inspiring, but expiring.
make what you do with your life matter.

you were brought into this world with intention.

your life is valuable.

the fact that you’re reading this right now means that someone wants you to be here. you are meant to be here. what you do with your life means more than you think. every decision, word, action, reaction serves a purpose. don’t take your life for granted and never take yourself for granted.

you may not realize what you have until you don’t.

do what you can with the time and energy that you’ve been given.

you’re here for a reason. what that reason is, might not feel clear all the time. there will be times where it might not feel fair, easy, or comfortable, but remember that you are here. who you are matters.

make sure you know your value, worth, and that your time is being respected and acknowledged for what it is and what it means.

measure every moment with intention and purpose.

and when you can’t turn to others, turn to yourself. you’ll find the light.

be with purpose.