hey, I'm jackie


I’m not really sure what I want to say here, but as a gift for my college graduation, my parents filled up a scrapbook of photos and answered some prompted questions about us… so I thought I'd have them tell you a little bit about me instead.


We share so many things in common...


Mom: Tall height, long feet, talk too much, love the beach, eat healthy, club exercise, high school track, shyness at a young age, strong willed, love our family, like clothing and jewlery.

Dad: Taking pictures, watching movies, fiercely defensive of our favorite things.


Our favorite thing to do together...


Mom: Eat, shop, beach, go to the Ocean City boardwalk, merry-go-round and zoo (when younger), eat Reece's, holiday dinners, talks, rides to Connecticut.

Dad: Spending time with Joanie. Ice cream!!!


You are unique because...


Mom: You are a twin and yet your very own person. You know exactly what to do and where you want to be.

Dad: You eat pickles as if they were candy! You defend your beliefs, but will accept those of others.


Why you were given the name you have...


Mom: I looked at a Jacqueline Susann book with a red binding and gold script; also named after a First Lady and actress; same initial as your twin, Jonathan.

Dad: None of the above!!! Jacqueline is a beautiful, traditional name worthy of a daughter like you.


Early on, you had a special talent for...


Mom: Art, as you started drawing at a very young age.

Dad: Running (away from Sport! Our neighbor's dog)


You've overcome these obstacles...


Mom: Having to wear a size 12 shoe at age 14, being taller than your friends, understanding Joanie, competing with your twin, shyness before high school, summer birthdays with friends on vacation.

Dad: Being an Apple in a PC family!


I loved teaching you how to...


Mom: Walk, talk, "tell jokes," swim, read, write, eat healthy, and become a good person.

Dad: Use "like + "you know" when appropriate and not every other word (still working on it).


What I learned from you...


Mom: How to use the computer, accessorize, and how to accept people in general. You are younger and "less judgemental" and we have a lot to learn from you.

Dad: There is a place in life for art as well as science (at least some art!!)


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